Yuba County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher M. Heath, pictured above, is credited with personally leading 62 drug investigations, many of them involving large amounts of pot. Last week, Heath himself was caught carrying 240 pounds of pot in Pennsylvania, which he and two other men had allegedly driven across the country from California.

Heath was arrested alongside Tyler Long and Ryan J. Falsone in West Manheim Township, Pa., near midnight on December 28th. In Heath’s car were the pot—estimated street value $2 million—his badge and service weapon, and $11,000 cash. Local officials were tipped off about the transport, and did not know Heath was a law enforcement officer until arresting him, the New York Times reports.

Heath worked as a member of NET-5, a drug task force, at the sheriff’s office in Yuba County, which is in northern California, reports the Appeal-Democrat, a local newspaper. NET-5 commander Martin Horan told the paper that a significant portion of his cases were weed-related.

The Yuba County District Attorney told the Times it is investigating whether any of Heath’s cases would be dismissed in light of the charges against him. “If Heath’s work was witnessed or can be otherwise credibly covered by the testimony of another investigator, the case may not be significantly impacted,” he said. “In other situations, the case may be tainted to such a degree that we cannot proceed and the case will be dismissed.”

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