The cops bag another truant at Coney Island. Image: Getty

Teens of New York were miffed af this morning when they found that their sicky gnar gnar school skip day at the beach was to be more of a ride to bummer city in the back of an NYPD van.

DNAinfo reports that at least seven police school safety vans were parked at the foot of the bridge that connects mainland Queens to Broad Channel on the way to the Rockaway Peninsula, stopping each bus to the beach and searching for truant students inside. Reporter Katie Honan wrote that she witnessed “at least seven” kids taken off of buses before 10 a.m. today.

An NYPD spokesperson told Gawker that “There is a truancy initiative today in Patrol Borough Queens South,” but did not respond when asked whether today’s sting was a one-time thing or part of an ongoing operation.

In any case, you’ve been warned, youths: Next time you’re hoping to head to la playa for some frosty whitecap Snapchat hashtag sun’s out gun’s out Fifth Harmony crying emoji crying emoji crying emoji prayer hands emoji, maybe consider taking your own car.