We in the media love nothing more than to call out our colleagues for fucking up, which means that this morning turned out to be a great one for me, since I get to make fun of a competitor for bungling its pointing out of a mistake made by another competitor.

Last night, Paul Krugman of the New York Times wrote a column titled “Terror Politics,” about the politics of terror. The attendant photo is the now ubiquitous one of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and others huddled together observing the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. Except whoever picked the photo chose one with a white cat Photoshopped at the table. Buzzfeed noted this mistake in a post called “Can You Spot the Hilarious Mistake in This New York Times Picture of Obama.” The sub-headline was “Oops.”

The only problem is that Buzzfeed’s blogger, Stephanie McNeal, broke the cardinal rule of writing about someone else’s fuck-up when she mistook the title of Krugman’s Times blog—“The Conscience of a Liberal”—for the post’s headline, as you can see in this screencap taken by a dude who works for the Wall Street Journal.

Buzzfeed has since fixed its post—though with no noted correction—and the Times has cheekily added a credit to the image in Krugman’s post, acknowledging that it comes from Slate’s “Cats of War” of article. Most importantly of all, I didn’t make a single mistake in this post. (Let’s hope.)

UPDATE (3:41 p.m.) In a new update, Paul Krugman insists that he chose the cat photo on purpose.

We’ll let Stephanie McNeal be the judge of that!

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