On Wednesday, BuzzFeed published a series of photographs—archived here—depicting West Point cadets wandering around a forested area of the United States Military Academy in upstate New York. The site said the black and white portraits “explore ideas of masculinity, allegiance, sexuality, and vulnerability.” But a cross-section of baffled military reporters and commentators saw something else: a collection of homoerotic photos. Following the confused response, photographer Kristine Potter asked BuzzFeed to remove the entire gallery.

The reaction to BuzzFeed’s post was immediate:

A retired Army officer named Mike Nemeth later published a parody of the original photos on BuzzFeed’s community platform. One caption reads:

Mike’s photos capture the graduates after they are fully formed soldiers and officers to explore ideas of masculinity, allegiance, sexuality, vulnerability, career satisfaction, and sarcasm.

Copyright law prevents us from publishing some of the original gallery’s more questionable photos, many of which Potter removed from her personal website. But you can find versions of the same gallery around the Internet, and a few copies still linger on Potter’s web server. One photo depicts two cadets posed as if they were wrestling in the dirt; another catches a different pair strolling along a forest path, perhaps to a more secluded location. (Update: The website Archive.Today is hosting an archived copy of BuzzFeed’s post.)

“While traditional portraiture of soldiers serves to show their achievements, excellence and their sense of duty,” Potter told BuzzFeed, “these images seek to describe the complicated psychologies under their developing personas.”

Potter’s representative didn’t immediately return a request for comment. In an email to Gawker, a spokeswoman for BuzzFeed said that “the photographer was surprised and uncomfortable with the reaction to the photos, and felt very strongly that they should be removed so we deferred to her as a courtesy.”

Gawker readers are invited to share homoerotic military photos of themselves or others below. No judgment.