On Friday, Indiana's Vanderburgh County Jail welcomed Terrence J. Lewis, a 32-year-old man who was wanted for attempted murder. Things quickly turned butt-farty.

First, there was the entrance. Officers noticed "a foreign object protruding from the anus area" during a routine strip search after Lewis turned himself in Friday afternoon, the Evansville Courier & Press reports. When they asked him about it, he quickly pulled something out of his butt and stuffed it into his mouth. The foreign object, officers soon learned, was a small baggie filled with cigarette tobacco and about a gram of weed.

Lewis wasn't done. The following day, he punched a 60-year-old fellow inmate in the eye, sending him to the hospital, because the man let out a fart that Lewis deemed disrespectful. From the Courier & Press:

Saturday afternoon, jail employees saw that James M. Brown, booked in jail Friday on meth-related charges, had a bloody eye and nose.

Brown told jail personnel as he was being treated that Lewis had punched him twice in the face after Brown "passed gas," which upset Lewis, who told Brown "he was being disrespectful."

Lewis now faces possession of marijuana, trafficking contraband, and battery felony charges in addition to the attempted murder.

[Image via Courier & Press]