Tinder, the dating app that has shrewdly transposed "hot or not" into a gratifying thumb swipe experience, has also apparently inspired a "Joshua" to text 32 of his matches at once. Apparently, Joshua does not have time to be courting these women one at a time or text them individually.

There are screenshots and screenshots and screenshots of Joshua and the 32 women's correspondence, which appear to only amount to killing Joshua's iPhone battery and the women forging a bond over their shared amusement and annoyance of being dragged against their will into an unyielding group text. Elle has done God's work and collated them for us:

This could be another elaborate hoax. Although, Gawker's own Sam Biddle did some investigative work, and you can indeed inflict a 32-person group text onto your friends (or enemies!) right now.

[Images via Elle/Elite Daily]