While on the way to the bus depot in Queens, an MTA bus driver allegedly pulled over his bus when he spotted a man who he says had been involved in a love triangle with his wife. When the bus was pulled over, the driver stabbed the man in the forearm, police say.

Ephraim Henry's bus was empty when he saw his romantic rival driving a Honda on the way to the bus depot. Both men reportedly slammed on the brakes and jumped out of their vehicles and a fight broke out that resulted in Henry stabbing 48-year-old Oscar Williams.

Via New York Daily News:

During the fight, Henry pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed Williams in the forearm, the sources said. A blood spatter was later found on the front of the bus, a transit source said.

After absorbing the blow, Williams ran from the scene and got the attention of two cops who were nearby, police said. The officers took Henry into custody.

According to an anonymous source at the MTA, Henry has not had a spotless record since he started driving a bus for the MTA in 2006. The source told the NY Daily News, "I wouldn't say he's been a stellar employee." Police say that Henry was booked on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

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