After years of searching for the next financial bubble that will pop and leave little but empty wallets, broken dreams, and suicidal investors in its wake, it appears we have actually found it!

While we were fretting about expensive, worthless tech stocks in America, we should have been having a heart attack over the terrifying inflation of prices of expensive, worthless tech stocks in China. That shit is out of control! Remember the US "tech bubble" of 15 years ago, when idiot investors like "your highly paid mutual fund manager" poured billions of dollars into sham companies just because they promised that "the internet" would one day be profitable? The internet will never be profitable (except for the blogosphere)!! Well, now China is repeating all of our mistakes, in a grander fashion.

Bloomberg compares the absolute heights of the U.S. tech bubble—which, to review, ended up disastrously—with the current state of the Chinese tech bubble, and the results are terrifying. At its peak, the US tech bubble valued tech stocks at 156 times their earnings. A farcical number! And currently, Chinese tech stocks are valued at an average of 220 times their earnings.

A farcicaler number!

As in any bubble, China's prices are soaring thanks to suckers who are anxious to lose borrowed money they cannot afford to lose: "The use of margin debt to trade mainland shares has climbed to all-time highs, while investors are opening stock accounts at a record pace. More than two-thirds of new investors have never attended or graduated from high school, according to a survey by China’s Southwestern University of Finance and Economics."

Get out. Get OUT. GET OUT!

We see a lot of upside potential in China's vibrant technology sector—don't be left behind!

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