"Bubble" is just "babble"—plus u. Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy! High! High! High! High!

The stock market is stronger than it's been since 1997, during the sweet part of the first tech boom. "A total of 447 stocks in the index are up this year, the most since at least 1990, and 80 percent traded above their 50-day moving averages last week, data compiled by Bloomberg show. That compares with 58 percent over the past 20 years." Buy more!

Last month was the busiest month for IPOs since 2007. Hot hot tech IPOs, get em while they're hot! Twitter IPO—a must-buy! Get in before everyone else! Eschew the bleats of the jealous haters! They don't understand entrepreneurialism. Buy now!

Even the negative stock market analysts are warning not of an imminent meltdown, but of a "melt-up" that sends stock prices soaring to unsustainable highs. Better buy before that happens! Buy!

America's fear of debt? Over! Borrow! Borrow! Then buy!

The bears are dead. All gored to death by the bulls. Charge! Stampede! Bullhorns blaring! Bye bye, bears! Buy buy!

It might blow up, but it won't go pop.

Other bubble candidates today: the art market, medical education, and the fourth most abundant element in the universe.

[Photo: AP]