Khloé Kardashian is reportedly filing for divorce from Lamar Odom today (four years, not bad!), but who cares about that: Her stepdad is getting his Adam's Apple surgically shaved off.

TMZ, which first reported on the gold medalist upcoming Laryngeal Shave, says the procedure is "typically done on patients who are in the first stage of gender reassignment."

Jenner, however, told the gossip site his decision has less to do with how he feels in his own skin than with how he feels in a turtleneck.

Having recently undergone surgery to remove a cancerous mass from his nose, Jenner, no stranger to cosmic electives, said he was paying his plastic surgeon a consultation visit to discuss fixing a post-op scar when the Laryngeal Shave came up.

"I just never liked my trachea," he told TMZ.

Bruce and Kris Jenner revealed back in October that they've decided to separate and have been living separate lives for some time.

"I'm finally free to do what I want and live life the way I want," Jenner was quoted as saying.

[screengrab via TMZ]