Fort Greene is one of the loveliest, and most expensive, neighborhoods in Brooklyn. It's the neighborhood that inspired Spike Lee's anti-gentrification rant earlier this year. Wealthy Fort Greene dog owners will not put up with homeless people, in the park.

The neighborhood of Fort Greene has gotten very pricey. The neighborhood has a nice park. Lots of people walk their dogs in that park. Sometimes, homeless people—probably people who could have afforded to live in Fort Greene, 20 years ago—sleep in that park. If you were to rank living beings in order of importance in modern day brownstone Brooklyn, from most to least important, you would go: 1) People wealthy enough to buy or rent homes in brownstone Brooklyn; 2) Those peoples' dogs; 3) The homeless. DNA Info reports that the people walking their dogs in Fort Greene Park have HAD IT with these homeless people!

Homeless people, who are humans, who are forced to sleep outside in the park, have reportedly been downright rude to some dogs, who walk in the park for fun, but sleep inside, in heated apartments. Will someone please bring these ruffians under control?

Tensions have been rising between the group and local dog owners who use the park, especially in the early morning hours when dozens of people let their dogs run off-leash, locals say.

The untethered pups sniff, bark and jump on the slumbering people — oftentimes waking them up and triggering a furious response, locals say.

Pip pip! Tut tut! Here is one genuine quote from a Fort Greene Park resident and dog walker that sums up this situation well: "'It is becoming an issue of territory,' he said. 'They are becoming more and more aggressive every day.'"

In case it's not clear, "They" in this case refers to people without a home who are forced to sleep in the park, and the implication of his statement is that these humans are out of line for wishing that their "territory" not be invaded by swarms of dogs as they sleep. What sort of monster doesn't want to be woken up by a wealthy stranger's off-leash dog?

Dogs are cute and homeless people are dirty. Case closed.

[Photo: Flickr]