Here's one way to lose your job and be banned from doing that job elsewhere in your city: turn down a threesome with your boss and her boyfriend. That is the story of Carisa Gaylardo, as she tells it in a lawsuit she filed in Manhattan Supreme Court this week.

In her filing, Gaylardo—who was a "probationary" gym teacher at Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy in the Bronx—alleges that she was let go from her position after turning down an offer to have a threesome with her supervisor Sofia Memos, pictured above, and Memos' boyfriend. Further, she notes that she has been put on a list of people barred from teaching at schools in New York City because the reason given for her termination was that she had inappropriate contact with a student.

Gaylardo says that the latter claim is false, and was concocted be Memos only after Gaylardo spurned her sexual advances. Normally a case like this might be he-said, she-said, but Gaylardo writes in her suit that Memos made advances to her via text message. Come to think of it, propositioning a subordinate for a threesome on a device that leaves a paper trail is an even easier way to lose your job.

[image of Memos via Facebook]