Kayla Morris, just a regular 20-year-old British woman, loves to do loads of things with her mum, Georgina Clarke. Such as: Wear the same clothes, get the same clothes, borrow each other’s clothes, get their nails done together, have their nails done the same, and get plastic surgery to look like British model and TV personality Katie Price. They’re very close.

So close, in fact, that when Kayla, at 17, decided to get a boob job to look more closely resemble Price—who got her start as a model under the mononym Jordan, and is primarily known for her gaudily huge breast implants—her mom was all for it. In fact, it had been her dream to become a Katie Price lookalike, too. So they both did it, getting boob jobs and lip implants to more closely resemble their idol.

(To translate Katie Price into imprecise American terms, think something like a cross between Anna Nicole Smith and Courtney Stodden, but with a couple of decades worth of inexplicably successful TV shows and books.)

“I was pleased that Kayla wanted a boob job,” Georgina told News Dog Media, “I wanted her to be like ... that kind of person.”

With her mum’s blessing, Kayla began stripping at 17, and soon found a sugar daddy to pay for her new boobs. She kept stripping to pay for her mom’s surgeries as well, something neither of them regrets. In fact, they’re “happy,” “so lucky,” and “living the dream,” and they plan to get more procedures because they haven’t quite reached their goal.

Here is a recent photo of Katie Price, via Getty Images: