It's Montecito State Prison for Harry, If Charles Has Anything to do With It

The new king is hellbent on keeping Harry exiled

Claire Carusillo

Bin the Book, Save the Empire

Prince Harry needs to burn his memoir manuscript if he ever wants to hang out at Balmoral ever again

banned books week 2022
Claire Carusillo

Meghan Markle Reached Out to King Charles to Ask for a 1:1

She tried to book a meeting room at Windsor HQ to “clear the air”

boss babies
Claire Carusillo

BBC Blocks Meghan Markle With Big Candle During Funeral Livecast

The flame of monarchy will not be extinguished

ya burnt
Claire Carusillo

Queerbaiting? Royals Cry Over Dead Queen

They're two and eight (that's Cockney slang for "upset")

good grief
Claire Carusillo

Queen Buried With Broken Stick

That'll be nice for her

on brand
Claire Carusillo

Little Charlotte is coming for the crown

The laser-focused third grader is playing the long game.

my horseshoe theory
Claire Carusillo

Why Does the British Monarchy Exist?

This seems like a fair question to ask right now

Tom Whyman

Why Is British Media Up in Arms About the 'New York Times'?

According to some commentators, the left-wing U.S. rag will not stop until the monarchy is abolished.

Wots All This
James Greig

The King’s Mitts Have Been Rubbed Red, Raw


oi me bloody hands
Kelly Conaboy

British Kiss Arses Wait In 30-Hour Line to See Queen's Coffin

It isn't even an open casket

blurred lines
Claire Carusillo

The Queen's Death Is Ruining Meghan Markle's Press Tour

A canceled "Variety" cover is one thing, but a delayed episode of Archetypes....?

she's pressed
Claire Carusillo

Meghan and Harry Brazenly Finger Fuck in Front of the Queen's Coffin

Even for a family filled with perverts, this is beyond

Claire Carusillo

Queen Coffin Dinner Reunites Estranged Royal Family

(Passive aggressively) pass the steak and kidney pie

Queen Your Plate
Claire Carusillo

King Charles Is Shaping Up to Be the Baddest Boy King Since Henry VIII

Punk isn't dead — it's 73 years old

Claire Carusillo

Jenna Bush Hager Blows Lid Off Timeline of Queen's Death

This changes everything, except the fact that she's still dead :(

Claire Carusillo