The Queen Has a New Set of Wheels

And she’s smiling like crazy

Beep Beep
Olivia Craighead

Prince Harry Blows Book Deadline, Needs Just a Few More Months

This way the Jubbly can be included, so it’s sort of a win-win?

sorry sorry sorry
Kelly Conaboy

Run, Lilibet, Run! Was Forrest Gump Spotted at Queen's Tunnel Opening?

He's everywhere... why wouldn't he be there

mummy gump
Claire Carusillo

Royal Garden Party Scene Report

The monarchy's C-List stood around

benedict cumberbatch too
Claire Carusillo

The Real Commonpeople of Montecito? Harry and Meghan Rumored to Get Own Reality Show

Netflix cameras will track every chicken's move

Claire Carusillo

Lonely Lilibet's Lovely Little Letter to Mummy and Papa

The Queen wrote it by herself

Claire Carusillo

The Queen Goes Apeshit Over New Namesake Tunnel

She's eager for you to ride her

chugga chugga chugga
Claire Carusillo

Queen of Lean Soft Launches New Stick

It's her new toyboy

the shaft
Claire Carusillo

Meghan and Harry: The Balcony Can Go Fuck Itself

Your new home for up-to-the-minute balcony updates

Elevated Discourse
Claire Carusillo

The Queen Had a Secret Rendezvous With Her Horses

Then tried to buy the rest off from the comfort of her Range Rover

hot to trot
Claire Carusillo

Meghan Markle Just Doesn't Get How Show Biz Works, Baby

Take it from the experts at Netflix

Pearl of Dumbarton
Claire Carusillo

Kate Middleton Is Seven Down To Clown, If You Know What I Mean

Do you know what I mean

Claire Carusillo

New Sovereign Soft Launching

The Queen is s l o w m o t i o n abdicating

Claire Carusillo

The Queen Can't Move but She's Still "In Charge"

The bouts of episodic immobility say nothing of Charles's readiness to lead

Claire Carusillo

The Queen Is Not Wasting Her Precious Twilight Days at Fuckin Parliament

That's a Charles job now

The King's Speech: The Next Generation
Claire Carusillo

The Queen Mother's Ali G Impression Killed With the Boys

Why isn't everyone talking about this?

Rappin' Granny
Claire Carusillo