Paul Bennett, the British man convicted of indecent exposure last month after rubbing his genitals on a mailbox and shouting "wow," was found dead this week, the New York Daily News reports. He was 45.

According to the Daily Mail, Bennett's body was discovered early Sunday morning behind the Shanghai Palace in his hometown of Wigan. Authorities do not suspect foul play, a police spokesperson saying, "His death is non-suspicious so the coroner is now dealing with it."

In January, Bennett was sentenced to 12 months of supervision with alcohol treatment and to register as a sex offender after dropping his pants in a shopping center and making "sexual advances toward" a postbox. From the Manchester Evening News:

He then rubbed himself against the postbox while holding his hands in the air and shouting "wow".

After completing the act he pulled his trousers up and started swinging on a lamppost.

An alarmed eye-witness called police, who found him exposing himself again when they arrived.

An acquaintance spoke well of Bennett, telling Wigan Today, "He had his troubles but he wasn't a bad lad."

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