A 25-year-old British woman has spent nearly $30,000 on surgical procedures to keep up with sex tape star and famous famous person Kim Kardashian. Claire Louise Leeson started the kardashification process when she was just 17, and now has bigger boobs, whiter teeth, and so, so much spray tan.

Appearing on the U.K. talk show This Morning, she explained that she wears pants with silicone padding to fake Kim's famous booty, but she's considering getting actually butt implants as a next step.

Why? Because she was bullied when she was younger, and "told every day that I was the 'ugliest thing alive' and I should 'kill myself'."

Unfortunately, that's just one more thing she has in common with Kim K.

No word on how much Leeson has spent on "K stars" in the terrifyingly profitable Kim Kardashian iPhone game.

[H/T NY Post, Photo: Twitter]