The classless douchebag best man who set down his Corona and took a knee to propose marriage to the maid of honor at someone else’s wedding—right in front of the bride and groom—may not be quite as classless as he appeared in the photo that set a thousand mouths afroth earlier this week. His new fiancée is the bride’s sister, and she told the New York Daily News she was the only one in the wedding party who didn’t know what was coming.

The newly-engaged woman, who identified herself only as Megan from Iowa, says her sister actually insisted on the embarrassing nightmare proposal going down during her special day.

“My fiancé told her he didn’t want to ruin their day and she insisted it would only make it better!” said Megan, “The groom of the wedding actually held my engagement ring the entire trip!”

Megan said that her sister’s forced-looking smile in the photo was not, in fact, concealing a desire to see her murdered before their friends and family for upstaging an important and expensive day.

“She’s actually trying not to cry because it was such a happy moment for all of us,” she said.

The defense would also like to enter into evidence this photo of the sisters embracing after the controversial moment:

But we’re just taking Megan’s word for it. Perhaps her sister is just the sort of kind and self-sacrificing person who wouldn’t say no to an engagement sideshow at her wedding. Perhaps she harbors a secret bitterness that she couldn’t even have a single day that was all about her for a change. Perhaps she’ll take it with her to the grave.

We may never know. We may never know.

[h/t Daily Mail]