It took a dozen police officers to calm down a drunken Australian wedding celebration that ended with the bride in the hospital and the groom and best man under arrest Friday.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the trouble began around midnight, when paramedics were called to the wedding to rescue the bride, who was suffering from alcohol poisoning.

The medical responders, wary of the "drunk and rowdy crowd" reportedly called for police backup.

While the bride was being hospitalized, a fight broke out among the remaining wedding guests and the police—"some of the wedding party became aggressive and threw punches," cops told ABC.

It ultimately took six police units to get the party under control.

The groom and his best man were both arrested on disorderly conduct charges. And according to reports, the guys weren't the only ones brawling—the bride's maid of honor was "spoken to" by police but was ultimately not taken into custody.

[image via Shutterstock]