Newsman and loyal Gawker customer Brian Williams recently appeared on The Tonight Show to thank Jimmy Fallon for upping his credibility in the rap game with a series of remixes of Williams performing hip-hop classics like "Gin and Juice" and "Rapper's Delight." But Williams lamented that he doesn't get to pick his own songs.

"What about some pre-hearing-loss Foxy Brown? What about ... any Luda would be great. I'll do 'Rollout,'" he said, giving Fallon a couple of freebie Ludacris lines to make it easier.

But Fallon and his genius video editor, John MacDonald, have been beaten to the punch.

PorterHouse Media fulfilled Bri Willy's special request and dropped this video of "Rollout (My Business)" last night. It's not as polished as MacDonald's work, and Williams really teed up "Who's your weed man?" for them, but the important thing is that this video exists.

Now it's your move with the Foxy Brown, Fallon.

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