After straight-out lying about a Baghdad helicopter attack for over a decade, Brian Williams is employing the old out of sight out of mind strategy, which reportedly includes canceling his Thursday appearance on Letterman—the show he once used to promote his bogus heroic tale.

On Saturday, Williams "self-suspended" himself from appearing on NBC's Nightly News, but he waited a little longer to cancel his Late Show appearance, CNN reports.

Until Sunday afternoon he was still scheduled to show up for his date with Letterman on Thursday.

The sudden change reflects the chaotic situation behind the scenes at NBC News and among Williams' representatives.

On Sunday morning, a spokeswoman for the "Late Show" said there had been no change to the plans for Williams to appear on Letterman's show.

Around the same time, a source close to Williams said it was "undecided" if Williams would still appear, saying the network hadn't considered the question yet.

Williams—who told a version of the helicopter story on the Late Show in 2013—subsequently apologized for the bald-faced lie, saying "I would not have chosen to make this mistake."

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