Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon have a thriving musical partnership, wherein Fallon has someone on his staff remix clips of Williams into hip-hop cover songs, and Williams good-naturedly plays along. Once a year or so, Honey Bri-Bri also makes an appearance on Fallon's "Slow Jam the News" segment, where he returned last night to discuss immigration reform.

Their latest slow jam is a weird mix of reporting on Obama's recent immigration order and the continuing failure of Congress to get its shit together; a tribute to Williams' 10 years behind the desk at NBC and his role as the proud father of Peter Pan; "Baby Got Back"; and the same big, hard John Hancock pun they used last year.

The joke hasn't changed at all since 2010, but if you were having sex to the smooth, soulful sounds of Brian Williams back then, you can probably have sex to this. You're a little weird, but no one's judging you.

[h/t Tonight Show]