When Starbucks sent a cease and desist to a small Missouri brewpub demanding they change the name of a little imbibed beer called "Frappicino" lest the coffeehouse chain's customers mistake it for their own "Frappuccino," the owner had no choice but to comply.

But that doesn't mean he couldn't have some fun with his reply.

Referring to the drink as "F Word," Exit 6 Pub and Brewery owner Jeff Britton wrote back to Starbucks to apologize for "any damage" the Cottleville establishment did to Starbucks.

"I would like for both [attorney Anessa] Owen Kramer and Mr Bucks to rest assured we meant no deception, confusion, or mistaking in the naming of the beer F Word," Britton insisted. "We never thought that our beer drinking customers would have thought that the alcoholic beverage coming out of the tap would have actually been coffee from one of the many, many, many stores located a few blocks away. I guess that with there being a Starbucks on every corner of every block in every city that some people may think they could get a Starbucks at a local bar. So that was our mistake."

Despite only selling a whopping three pints of "F Word," Britton still felt behooved to send Starbucks a $6 check for "the full amount of profit gained from the sale of those 3 beers."

"We just want to help a business like Starbucks," Britton concluded. "Us small business owners need to stick together."

Read the full cease and desist letter and Britton's brilliant response below:

[H/T: Above The Law, scans, photo via Facebook]