Photo: Ashley’s phone

CLEVELAND — Earlier this afternoon, Ashley and I stumbled upon Fox News’s Bret Baier and Chris Wallace livestreaming a discussion from a Facebook booth adjacent to the convention center, where most of the campaign press work when not in the arena.

This was an unexpected treat. While most other prominent media personalities roam freely around the convention site, major Fox News people have stayed mostly cloistered and hidden. This may be because their boss, Roger Ailes, is reportedly being forced out at the network after multiple current and former Fox employees—including, reportedly, current Fox host Megyn Kelly—have accused him of sexual harassment. Kelly herself seems to be in an undisclosed location when she’s not on-air. (Though I hear Greta Van Susteren was seen at the CNN Grill last night, talking to Erin Burnett. I can’t confirm because CNN won’t let me into the CNN Grill, even after I DM’d Jake Tapper and sent a really sniveling email to one of their flacks.)

But here were Baier and Wallace. Once they finished their Facebook Live (I’m not a monster), I introduced myself to Baier, shook his hand, and asked him what he thought about the Roger Ailes reports. Baier’s polite smile never left his face: “Ugh. I have no comment, zero, nothing to say.”

As I spoke to Baier, handlers and flacks formed a human shield around Wallace and escorted him away.

Another media reporter, lured by Ashley’s livestream, walked over. “You get anything?”

If you’re in Cleveland and you see a Fox News personality, please alert your local media reporter.