Kevin Cordasco, the Breaking Bad superfan to whom the latest episode of the show was dedicated, passed away this past March of cancer at the age of 16.

"He and his friends watched it obsessively and ate pizza in his bedroom," his father told The Hollywood Reporter. "There was something about the Walter White character … the way he took control of his illness, and his life, that really resonated with Kevin."

The Calabasas, California, teen actually got to meet the cast and crew of the acclaimed AMC series thanks to his godmother, who was able to get in touch with Bryan Cranston through connections at Sony TV.

"Bryan and his wife sat with Kevin for hours at the hospital," Kevin's dad is quoted as saying. "And then Vince [Gilligan, the show's creator] came to our house, along with some of the cast. They even invited Kevin to the writers room. He was beyond thrilled."

Before Kevin passed on, Gilligan offered him the world's most sought-after spoiler: How Breaking Bad ends.

Gilligan told listeners of the Breaking Bad Insiders Podcast that his only condition was that Kevin not tell anyone else.

But, living up to his title as Breaking Bad's biggest fan, Kevin refused, telling Gilligan he wanted to learn Walter White's fate at the same time as the rest of the viewers — during next month's series finale.

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