Vince Gilligan's exquisitely developed Breaking Bad is so unassailably good that even the show's promotional bonanza is terrific. The premiere is two-and-a-half weeks away and we've already seen a generally endearing Bryan Cranston GQ cover profile, an Aaron Paul late-night "bitch" tribute, and particularly excellent Comic-Con stunt in which Bryan Cranston went incognito in a silicon mask of his own face.

Then last night in Culver City, Cranston and Paul showed up to the season premiere party in Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's RV. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the afterparty came with its own set of props, including "blue meth candy and a cake featuring Gilligan’s severed head on a tortoise." Can't seem to find a picture; please, someone, put that fucker in the comments.

[photos via Mark Davis/Getty Images]

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