Meth fans in the Southwest: Do not be misled. Despite what your tweaked brain may be telling you, the blue meth you're buying was not actually made by Heisenberg or Jesse Pinkman. In fact, it's likely more dangerous than regular meth.

According to law enforcement officials, a group of sort of savvy meth dealers have been dyeing their drugs blue to make it look like the Walter White-created meth on Breaking Bad.

"We are seeing an increase in blue meth up in the Four Corners, and into the Farmington region. It's actually being moved and pushed by various distributors," Homeland Security agent Kevin Abar told KOB in Albuquerque.

Unlike the high-quality meth on Breaking Bad, the blue dye likely just makes the drugs more dangerous. "It's truly bad," Abar said, adding that the dealers are dyeing it with potentially unsafe chemicals. "It's a bad meth that's created a lot of individuals getting sick from utilizing it."

[Image via AP]