This past Saturday, a group of Breaking Bad rubberneckers turned up for a mock funeral that mourned the AMC series' protagonist, Walter White. Pitched as a fundraiser for the homeless, the ceremony was held at a real cemetery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where inconsiderate shitbags loitered on grave markers of real dead people, including one of a child who didn't live to see his third birthday. For fuck's sake.

As the Hollywood Reporter confirms, Walter White's burial took place at Sunset Memorial Park, a Bernalillo County resting place with more than 30,000 graves. Someone calling himself Jackamoe Buzzell organized the event, with help from a local steak house. The fictional meth-cooker's headstone was supposed to remain at Sunset, until local residents with non-fictional relatives buried there complained.

One of them, Manuel Montano, started an online petition asking the cemetery not to turn the gravesite of his six-year-old into a spectacle:

Locations where 'Breaking Bad' filmed in Albuquerque have become tourist traps now that the show has ended. Walter White's home draws up to 10,000 cars full of fans a month, according to the homeowner. Adding a physical grave site will encourage tourists to visit a sacred burial site of hundreds and hundreds of loved ones.

Cemetery officials say if crowds start gathering at the grave site of Walter White, they'll consider getting rid of his headstone. But the "officials" should not put the family members through such disrespect during the process of deciding whether or not too many people are visiting the makeshift grave.

New Mexico's KRQE spoke with Montano, who was also upset because the fake funeral service brought spectators who traipsed all over real graves. Like this jerk, who stood obliviously on the marker of a child who never saw his third birthday:

On Monday, after Montano's petition gained traction, Walter White Funeral organizers apologized in a press release, also promising to relocate the headstone to Vernon's Steakhouse:

It was never our intention to disrespect those who are buried at Sunset Memorial Park or cause pain to their families. We created the Walter White Funeral and Final Amends as a way to have a positive impact on the community and help those who are negatively impacted by the terrible effects of drug addiction and homelessness. We greatly apologize to anyone who was offended, and want to ensure that the focus remains on the amazing work that Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless does in our community.

A video of the fake funeral is below. Scanning through it makes the whole thing seem even ickier:

[h/t Rolling Stone, photos via iPetition]

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