According to Brazilian model Tati Neves, 27, not only is Justin Bieber "marvelous and unforgettable" in the sack, he's also "very well endowed." Now who are we supposed to believe in the Bieber Penis Wars? The Panamanian prostitute who said Bieber was packing a "so-so" member or Neves, the married woman who filmed Bieber sleeping and uploaded it to YouTube?

Neves began her post-coital press tour on Saturday, giving an interview to Brazilian network Globo TV's Fantastico program where she coyly admitted to sharing a bed with Bieber, but not to having sex with him.

But in an exclusive interview published with The Sun on Monday, Neves, who also said she's separated from her husband, admitted that the couple did more than sleep. She even said that when she left Bieber's room in the morning, she got a voicemail from him asking her to come back, but that she couldn't return because she was "too exhausted." She then praised Justin for his "stamina" and "energy" and said he "looked great" naked. Gross.

And because we're all deeply concerned about the personal lives of teenagers, Bieber's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez is not taking the news well. According to Hollywood LIfe, sources inside the Gomez camp report that "she misses Justin" and that she "doesn't need or want to know what he's doing behind closed doors." The same probably goes for the rest of us, and yet here we are.

[Screenshot via GloboTV]