Just when you thought everyone in Boston was a dick, here's a good samaritan tale that will make you rethink your most deeply held beliefs regarding Massholes. When one Bostonian found someone with New York plates parked in his carefully shoveled spot, he took all the snow he had removed earlier and dumped it on top of the offending car ... but he was nice enough to leave the passenger door uncovered in case of emergency.

His Craigslist post about the incident has been deleted, but not before it was immortalized on Boston.com.

The nicest, most polite guy in Boston would have been well within his rights to just, I don't know, set fire to the car or something—after all, he had a marker—but he not only avoided causing any lasting property damage, he even left the owner a viable means of ingress.

You going soft over there, Boston, or is this person's kindness just a freak genetic mutation that will never propagate due to its ill-suitedness for survival in your harsh climes?

Go fuck myself? Aww! You too!

[h/t Uproxx]