Last night, in a close race, Boston City Council member John Connolly lost his bid for mayor. But to his credit, he commemorated his defeat in the most Boston way possible: Getting into a public fight with his son's hockey coach. Whose name is Sully.

Before anything else, of course, he responded to some minor trolls gloating about his defeat. Fair enough, I guess, if basically unwise.

But then a man named Tim Sullivan, better known as "The Sull," stepped into the fray.

Who's this mystery troll? Only the former hockey coach of Connolly's son.

Things escalated from there.

"Fighting with your son's hockey coach" is a Massachusetts tradition dating back to Plymouth Rock, and Connolly's participation is a credit to his name. It's no wonder Boston is America's most beloved city.

[h/t Luke O'Neil/Image via AP]