An electrician conducting a pre-sale inspection on a Massachusetts home discovered the entire house was wired to explode when someone flipped a particular light switch.

Investigators are apparently searching for a group of people who recently vacated the home. Those people, who had been renting from the homeowner, reportedly called 911 last week to complain that someone had plugged the home's drains with cement.

Boston bomb specialists had to disarm the house Tuesday, a process that reportedly took "several hours."

[A police spokesperson] wouldn't describe the explosive mechanism, but he said it had been meticulously wired through the walls to a particular light switch.

"We believe the intention was that if someone had flipped the light switch on where it ended, the device would have exploded," he said.

Milton Police Chief Richard G. Wells Jr. said whoever wired the house had "malicious intent" and told reporters everyone connected with the home is currently a suspect.

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