Leave it to a group of Bored Teenagers to execute a generally harmless but perfectly diabolical prank on their high school principal.

The pre-paid mariachi band was apparently waiting for Santa Barbara High School principal John Becchio when he arrived at his office at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Video of the prank shows Becchio (he's the one dressed up as Friday Night Light's Coach Taylor) trying to act casual while a four-man band respectfully, but determinedly followed him down a school hallway, softly playing the whole time.

The band actually only followed Becchio around for an hour, but if nothing else the video proves that the children really are our future—at least our future in decent pranking.

School administrators loved it too, posting the video to its YouTube page and putting out an official statement saying, "It was a senior prank that delighted students and staff."

[h/t UPI]