There's nothing wrong with wanting to show your spouse that your love for them burns as brightly as it did on the day your eyes first met. There's plenty wrong with wanting to show it by having sex in a public park while your young son hovers restlessly nearby.

But that's exactly what happens in this video that's going viral across Chinese social media.

Captured in the central Chinese city of Xi'an, the footage claims to show a little boy repeatedly urging his parents to hurry up and get their indecent act over with so he can go home.

"Is it possible that after several years of marriage there is such passion among couples who can't resist and would do it in the park in a public place in front of their kid?" asks a title card at the video's conclusion, before responding: "This seems fishy."

Indeed, some have offered less savory backstories for the events unfolding in the video, but let's just go with an unbridled display of affection between two lovers, okay?

The week is far too young for anything else.

[H/T: Guyism]