New York magazine has (finally) published a long excerpt of Gabriel Sherman’s Roger Ailes biography, The Loudest Voice in the Room. It’s from one of the more recent chapters—the book spans the Fox father’s entire career—and collects, among other stories, our 2011 report revealing that Ailes spied on several reporters at the Putnam County News & Recorder, the upstate New York newspaper he purchased in 2008. But it’s not just disgruntled newspaper employees (or gay activists) that Ailes irrationally fears.

In the winter of 2009, Sherman writes,

Local contractors helped install a bunker that could weather a terrorist attack underneath [Ailes and his wife’s] mansion. “He can live in there for more than six months,” a friend who has visited it said. “There are bedrooms, a couple of TVs, water, and freeze-dried food.” “I’m not allowed to talk about it,” Ailes’s older brother Robert said. "I think the proper term is a ‘panic room.’ ”

Good to know Roger feels safe, at least.

[Photo credit: Associated Press]