Summer’s half over but it’s never too late to get in shape the Bill Clinton way. All you really need is a goofy hat and the dare to bare in some shorty-shorts. It’s the nineties, baby!

1. To begin, you must stretch. Stretch your legs, your arms, and your head. Don’t be afraid to use the props around you—a car, a stray golf club—to aid you. Never underestimate the importance of stretching

2. It’s easy to get dehydrated while jogging, so make sure to drink plenty of liquids. Always refuel and rehydrate when the opportunity presents itself.

3. If you see a baby or an animal, immediately STOP AND PET. Life is short, baby.

4. Uniforms are encouraged. If you and the whole squad can dress alike, so much the better. So much the better.

5. Switch up your terrain once in a while. Variation targets different muscles in the body, plus you’ll get a better burn.

6. Do you own a pair of plain white gloves? Good. Put them on.

7. A running partner always makes the workout fly by. If Al Gore is available, stick him in a pair of short shorts, tuck his damn t-shirt into them, and hit the road! (If he’s busy, David Hasselhoff is probably free.) That’s how you do it!

Happy trails :)

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