Still: New York Times

The New York Times has obtained harrowing body camera footage of the final moments of Chase Sherman, a Florida man who died last year after an encounter with Georgia sheriff’s deputies. The video shows the officers repeatedly tasering Sherman as he is handcuffed in the back seat of a car.

On November 20, Sherman’s parents called 911 as they drove through Georgia to their home state of Florida, asking for assistance with their disoriented, hallucinating son. Sherman, 32, told them that he’d smoked synthetic marijuana a few days before, and they made the call after he’d become agitated in the backseat, biting his girlfriend and attempting to jump out the car’s window.

In the video, Sherman can be seen struggling in the back seat, handcuffed and flailing against two Coweta County sheriff’s deputies as they attempt to restrain him. According to lawyers for Sherman’s family, the deputies used their tasers against him 15 times during the altercation. At one point in the video, one of the deputies can be seen punching Sherman in the face and heard saying “That’s a good way to get shot, right there,” after Sherman apparently reached for his taser.

“O.K. I’m dead, I’m dead,” Sherman says later as police continue to struggle with him. “I quit, I quit.”

Sherman was pronounced dead on the scene, his death a homicide due to “an altercation with law enforcement with several trigger pulls of an electronic control device,” according to the death certificate, the Times reports.

Sherman’s family and the local media asked Coweta County prosecutors to release the body camera footage after Sherman’s death, but prosecutors declined. It is unclear how the Times obtained the footage.

The deputies in the video have not been suspended or punished criminally, according to the Sherman family’s attorney.