Among other things, Bruce Oreck is a former body-builder, the son vacuum magnate David Oreck and the U.S. Ambassador to Finland. But far more importantly, he's the winner of the State Department's (imaginary) "Best Christmas Card" contest three years running, thanks to ambitiously weird images like this one, released via Oreck's Facebook on Wednesday.

In it, the ambassador wears a painted-on shirt and tattoo sleeves alongside the caption "Just back to basics."

"Doing body paint was [makeup artist Riina Laine]'s idea," Oreck tells Gawker. "What we ultimately did was a combination of some thoughts from me and 100% talent from her."

However, this year's entry only expands on what's become a tradition for Oreck, starting with this card from 2012:

Unfortunately, some folks "didn't see the humor in the 2012 card" according to Oreck.

"Although the original card was innocent, last year's card was definitely intended to tweak a few noses," says the ambassador, referring to this masterpiece from 2013:

"Just like playing 21, sometimes you just have to double down on your hand."