Bobby Jindal and whatever remaining social media-literate staff he has left have spent the last 24 hours doing their best impression of a Trump smear campaign, calling the time-displaced Sopranos extra “not serious,” “a narcissist, “an egomaniac,” “a carnival act,” “a very weak and small person,” and “dangerous.” All of which are both true and perhaps some of the most honest, biting, and uninhibited criticism of Trump to come from a GOP candidate yet—from a proud anti-gay exorcist, no less.

Jindal gave a speech, which you can read in full here, that actually touches on a lot of very real concerns should Trump, who was last seen polling upwards of 30%, actually become the Republican candidate.

Donald Trump is not a serious candidate. He’s a narcissist, he’s an egomaniac. The only thing he believes in is himself. Everybody knows this is true...

It’s silly to argue policy with this guy, he’s doesn’t know anything about it, he has no idea what he is talking about, he makes it all up on the fly. According to him his health care plan will be “fabulous” and his tax plan will be “really, really terrific.” He’s shallow, no substance.

But the real show was on Twitter, where Jindal managed to get in some decent jabs.

This is not to say that Louisiana’s widely loathed governor didn’t get through this without looking like an idiot himself. In the process of burning Trump, he manages to imply that his own campaign is itself a huge scam.

Yes, only a fool would write Bobby Jindal a check. On this, both sides surely agree.

Jindal has also attacked Trump through supercuts (could a “What If Wes Anderson Directed the Trump Campaign” viral video be next?), though his staff’s efforts don’t really offer much of a cohesive message besides “remember when Charlie Sheen was in the news”:

[There was a video here]

And “I wonder how long it will take Yoko Ono to sue?”:

[There was a video here]

But even if all of Jindal’s attempted hits managed to land, would they have accomplished anything? Probably not. Jindal’s polling at one percent right now, and a few hundred favs are unlikely to change that. Going hard against Trump certainly didn’t do much for Rick Perry, who similarly went on the offensive and still barely managed to break one percent in CNN’s polls.

If nothing else, Jindal, who has perhaps the most detestable beliefs of the entire GOP lineup, at least got to play the “reasonable” and “sane” candidate for a few hours—which is both a testament to Donald Trump’s own absurdity, and the admirable acting abilities of the man who gave us this.

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