Bobby Jindal launched a presidential exploratory committee today, because hey, that’s what you do. Presumably he’ll be exploring outside the state he governs, because as much as Louisianans hate Democrats and Obummer, they hate Bobby more, a new poll shows.

The poll of 600 likely voters, taken last week by Southern Media & Opinion Research and highlighted by The Advocate, shows that Louisiana is one of the reddest states in the union:

Republicans in Louisiana must be the most anti-democrat voters in all fifty states. Less than one percent of maleand female republican voters would pick a democrat for governor. Almost seventy percent of all white maleswould not pick a democrat for governor. Only twenty three percent of white voters would pick a democrat asour next governor.

But anything’s gotta be better than the stringy Oxford-educated NBC page that’s run their state lo these many years:

Governor Bobby Jindal’s job performance rating is at an all time low. Hereceives a 31.8% positive job performance rating from Louisiana voters. The Southern Media & OpinionResearch Survey in December 2014 had Governor Jindal with a 40.9% positive job rating. Jindal’s negative jobrating was 57.6% in December 2014 and today stands at 64.7%.

In fact, it looks as if even Barack Hussein Obama would win a head-to-head competition with Jindal in the redboned Bayou State:

President Barack Obama remains unpopular in Louisiana, but not as unpopular as Governor Jindal. 42.1% ratehis job performance as positive and 57.3% negative. Only 22.6% of white voters give President Barack Obama apositive job rating. Twenty three percent appears to be the upper end of white support for democrats at thestatewide level in Louisiana.

Fortunately for white Louisianans, neither Jindal nor Obama will be on their ballot in 2016. Unless... martial law?!

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