Today marked the first 4/20 since weed has been legal to use and sell recreationally in Denver, Colorado, and by the looks of it, it was exactly the utopia of Mr. Potato Head-shaped bongs, Nutella pancakes, and people with names like "Dina Compassion" that you'd imagine.

CNN sent a reporter to cover the event, who met a host of colorful characters celebrating the de facto holiday. There was the couple from Kansas City, Missouri who were just super stoked to be there:

"It's like his Super Bowl," said Kate, who, like many people we spoke to, didn't want her last name used. "He's been giddy about it for weeks . . . Super stoked is an understatement."

Some South Jersey bros were "too fucking stoned" to get off the bus on a tour of cannabis dispensaries:

While other groups actually visited dispensaries on the tour, no one in this crew bothered to get off the bus. Two guys from South Jersey sat dazed, staring out their windows.

At the Cheba Hut, sandwiches are cleverly referred to as "blunts."

Inside Cheba Hut, where 12-inch subs are called "blunts," drinks are listed as "cotton mouth cures" and desserts and chips fall under "munchies," a woman from Brooklyn, New York, stared up at the menu board — her eyes as wide as her smile.

"Oh, my God, that bread's crazy," she said loudly to no one. "Oh, my God, they have Kool-Aid here! What?"

Tragedy struck when an older man smoked dabs, the ultra-potent cannabis concentrate that has picked up popularity in recent years.

An emergency medical team tended to an older man who passed out, his head bleeding from when it hit the pavement after he smoked a dab, or high-grade hash oil.

The young woman who gave it to him cried, her hand trembling as she held a cigarette.

Fortunately, some benevolent souls were on hand to comfort the traumatized dab-giver.

While some pulled out cell phones to take pictures of the man on the ground, others flocked to the shaken woman.

"It's not your fault. It's not your fault," they said. "He chose to take a dab."

[Images via AP]