Though Halloween is technically tomorrow, plenty of proud American citizens dressed up for parties and work events this week, some of them in blackface.

On Tuesday, we brought you the Halloween stylings of one Florida high school student who wore blackface to be “Nicki Minaj” for her school’s costume contest. Since then, tipsters have sent us countless photos of their friends and acquaintances dressed up as racist caricatures of black celebrities.

Based on the evidence we received, the most common costume on the blackface Halloween circuit this year is Blackface Kanye West. Alabama elementary school teacher Heath Morrow popularized the costume earlier this week when he posted a photo of himself dressed as such (his wife dressed up as Kim Kardashian West).

After his photo was picked up by local and national news outlets, Morrow apologized. He will not be punished for wearing blackface, per Decatur City Schools Superintendent Ed Nichols, because he is “a fine teacher.”

Morrow’s bit of trouble did not deter other men from wearing blackface to be Kanye West for Halloween. Several wore the costume—out in public, it seems—with “Kim Kardashians” in tow.

But Blackface Kanye West is not the only blackface costume Halloween revelers dreamed up this year. Tipsters submitted photos of these men, dressed up like N.W.A.:

And one lady dressed up like Stevie Wonder.

She is, per the tipster, currently urging her Facebook friends to vote for her in an online costume contest.

Finally, one tipster submitted a photo of a man dressed up like President Barack Obama (in blackface).

This man says he “ran out of ideas” for a costume, perhaps unintentionally making the obvious point that wearing blackface is as unimaginative as it is dumb.

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