A Japanese woman facing trial for poisoning her husband with cyanide may have also murdered as many as six former boyfriends, authorities say.

Police initially thought Chisako Kakehi's husband, Isao, died of a heart attack—until they discovered traces of cyanide in his blood. Investigators say at least six of Kakehi's romantic interests—all older, well-situated men—met similar ends.

Reports also suggest money was a factor, and Kakehi is rumored to have collected as much as $8 million from her dead paramours. Via the New York Times:

All were at least moderately wealthy, with homes and ample savings accounts accumulated over a lifetime of work in order to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Most died soon after drawing up wills that named her as the sole beneficiary.

Police also say they found a sachet of cyanide hidden in a flowerpot Kakehi tried to throw away.

Kaheki reportedly referred to herself as a "victim of doomed fate."

[screencap via NBC]