Hello, I have just been listening to Black Midi for the past 10 minutes so you will have to excuse me if my writing is INCOMPREHENSIBLY DENSE AND GLORIOUSLY CRACKED LIKE A GOLDEN TORTOISE'S SHELL THAT HS BEEN DROPPED FROM THE TOP OF A CRAY XC30-AC SUPERCOMPUTER.

Imagine a robotic squid with thousands of high-powered servo arms pounding a 360 degree piano inside the center of the sun. That's what Black midi is. Or, more accurately, according to Rhizome:

a group of musicians who use MIDI files (which store musical notes and timings, not unlike player piano rolls) to create compositions that feature staggering numbers of notes. They're calling this kind of music "black MIDI," which basically means that when you look at the music in the form of standard notation, it looks like almost solid black.

There is a Black midi wiki and everything, where 'blackkers' trade songs in their attempt to create a track with infinite notes. It is the weirdest internet music subculture, but now that it has been noticed, we can expect the Black Midi-influenced Rihanna song in three months.

Here's a good one with 4.5 million notes: