1943? 2013? 2015? Recently a set of black and white photos published in a BuzzFeed post titled “Black And White Photos Of The Tony Awards That’ll Make You Question What Year It Is” made us question what year it was. These black and white photos will do the same. They will make you wonder: What year is it?

What year is it?

What year is it?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. “What year is it?” is four words.

Technically this photo is worth “What year is it?” 250 times.

What year is it?

Look at this photo and think, “What year is it?”

My head is spinning with regard to the year.

Am I crazy, or what year is it?

What about now?

And now?

What year is it?





Still stumped?

Here’s a hint:

Yup—it’s 2015, baby.

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