For many crypto-Marxist Americans, ragging on Republicans is a cherished pastime, but what do we really know about our conservative brothers and sisters? For instance, what even are Republicans? According to a new ad campaign by consulting firm Glass House Strategies, Republicans are people, primarily the kind that pose for stock photos.

They're also, it turns out, Prius drivers, beard and tattoo-havers and, most crucially, humans who care and have feelings. "On social media, I've been called every name in the book," Glass House founder Vinny Minchillo told the New Republic. "It's become socially acceptable to talk about Republicans in the most evil terms possible and that doesn't seem right."

To combat this discrimination against the party of discrimination, the former Romney strategist has taken his "Republicans Are People Too" campaign to social media—the ultimate marketplace of ideas—where it's fared, well, not so hot, really. As Vocativ documented earlier this week, Minchillo's #IAmARepublican hashtag has been co-opted by liberals to criticize conservatives, a move that could have only been anticipated by anyone.

But it's not all bad news for GOPers. After all, as Minchillo's ad points out, they can still do fun Republican stuff, whether that means tattooing sweet beards on their electric cars or just talking about their feelings.

[h/t Vocativ]