The world's softest celebrity beef just got a little softer. At last night's Smashing Pumpkins show, Billy Corgan unveiled a new message to foe Anderson Cooper, rendered in cat-adorned organic cotton: "FUCK YOU."

In case you're not up to date on the pasty dude feud, it all started this summer when Corgan appeared on the cover of PAWS Chicago, which, before we continue, you need to take some time to enjoy:

Later, Cooper discovered the magazine cover, ridiculing it on air in October:

"So perhaps Billy Corgan is, I don't know, off his alternative rocker. But I think maybe there's more to this, maybe he's being ironic, or maybe when the cool rock stars start doing less rock starry things, it kind of makes us face our own morality. See I want R.E.M. to stay just the way I know and love them, I don't want 'Everybody Hurts' to suddenly be used in an Excedrin commercial."

And Corgan soon responded, calling Cooper a "globalist shill" on Twitter:

Which brings us to this week and the above shirt, featuring Corgan's cats Miss Sammi and Mister Thom.

Cooper has yet to respond to Corgan's comments, but his dog Molly would no doubt look just as good on a "FUCK YOU BILLY CORGAN" shirt.

[Images via Twitter/PAWS Chicago//h/t Uproxx]