In 2008, billionaire venture capitalist and real selfish bastard Vinod Khosla paid $32.5 million for an 89-acre beachfront property in California. Now, he’s asking for $30 million just to let the public use the beach.

To be clear, Khosla—whose Twitter bio reads “entrepreneurship zealot,” if you can fucking believe it—is not offering to sell his 89 acres of beachfront land to the state. He is offering to simply allow the public to walk down the access road and use the beach, for the reasonable price of $30 million in taxpayer money.

In 2010, Khosla decided to close and lock the gate on the public access road that led to the beach (and posted guards to keep people out), “citing the high cost of maintenance and liability insurance.”

Vinod Khosla’s net worth is well over $1 billion.

The beach, called Martins Beach, is a real nice beach. The public sure would like to use it. In fact, people have been suing Khosla for years to try to get him allow the public to use the beach. Public interest groups like Surfrider say the public is entitled to beach access under state law. Others—perhaps, just imagine, a normal and decent human being whose heart is not made of rotten cheese—believe that regardless of state law, this beach should be open to the public, because it’s a nice beach and lots of people would like to use it and it sure wouldn’t hurt any.

But Vinod Khosla, who does not even live on the land in question, disagrees.

A real top-notch prick.

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