Bill O'Reilly is extremely unhappy that Stephen Colbert crapped all over his terrible plan to defeat ISIS with "an anti-terror mercenary force paid for by coalition nations." The conservative host responded to the conservative host parody on Monday in a segment he called "How to Deal With Dumb People."

In NOT A SCIENTIFIC POLL, O'Reilly reported that 70% of his fans agree with him that assembling a 25,000-member team of mercenary killers under the supervision of the U.S. Congress is definitely the right way to deal with ISIS and not a recipe for a smoldering heap of disaster.

"You know these mercenaries will be good guys, because only the best people kill whoever you want for cash," Colbert quipped last week.

Colbert "and his ilk," O'Reilly shot back on the Factor, mock great plans like his that are definitely not impractical and doomed to fail because "they don't know anything."

"In the world of the ideologue," he continued, without a trace of irony, "solutions don't really matter. It's how you feel about things."

Bill. Billy. Billiam. Papa Bear. Did you forget that the guy who invented "truthiness" was created as a parody of conservative talking heads in general, and you in particular? You understood the joke at some point, but it seems you lost sight of it when you let a comedian's criticism of your military fantasies get under your skin.

Or, hell, maybe you just know what your audience—or 70% of it, unscientifically—wants to see. You keep doing you, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[h/t Uproxx]