Bill Murray could make his first Saturday Night Live appearance in 15 years as the show kicks off its 40th season. According to Splitsider, local NBC affiliates announced the new season's first three hosts in a story that has since been taken down.

Weed-vaping comedian Sarah Silverman and ubiquitous golden boy Chris Pratt are rumored to round out the hosting lineup for the first three episodes, completing a trifecta of celebrities you would totally hang out and/or get high with.

After a so-so Season 39 that led Lorne Michaels to start paring down SNL's biggest cast ever, it looks like he's not taking too many chances with the 40th anniversary. If you can fuck things up with Bill Murray at your disposal, there's no help for you.

SNL is back Sept. 27.

Update: Rolling Stone reports Pratt is confirmed for the season premiere, with musical guest Ariana Grande. Silverman will make her hosting debut in episode 2, with Maroon 5. No mention of Murray, though.

[h/t Splitsider]