It's no secret that Bill Murray—he of the mischievous, twinkling eyes and zero-fucks-given insouciance—can pretty much do whatever he wants. But that goodwill extends far beyond mere party-crashing. Perfect strangers want to fund his lifestyle, just for the honor of being acknowledged by someone with impeccable comedic timing.

Via Page Six, the world's dorkiest fan paid for Murray and Murray's companion after spotting them at a restaurant in midtown Manhattan.

A spy told us that a diner interrupted their meal to tell Murray he was a huge fan, and was so grateful for Murray's friendly response, "he picked up the tab as a token of his appreciation."

Aww man. Don't be the guy buying Bill Murray lunch—be the guy that got a free lunch because he was eating with Bill Murray. If you're that guy, you can buy Bill Murray things all the time.

[image via AP]